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The MPO Board adopted the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan on March 8, 2019. The Plan, Map Series and Appendices may be viewed or downloaded below. Please click on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to view or download the plan.

Work began on the Collier MPO Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan (BPMP) with a stakeholder kick-off meeting on October 30, 2017. Plan development included extensive analyses of existing conditions for the bicycle and pedestrian network; bicycle and pedestrian crash data; environmental justice (EJ) and; consideration of existing policies and design standards.

A concerted public outreach effort was made throughout the Plan’s development including using additional outreach methods to reach the broadest cross-section of the public possible. These efforts included: farmers’ markets; stakeholder group meetings; MPO public open houses; Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) meetings; non-MPO public open houses and; numerous MPO Board and advisory committee updates. Outreach tools included an interactive Wikimap, and electronic and paper surveys available in English, Spanish and Creole.

The MPO thanks everyone who took the time to comment during the development of the plan. Public comments, more than 600, did help to shape the focus and goals of the plan including the need for increased safety for all users of the roadways; increased connectivity in the sidewalk, bicycle and pathways networks; equity or Environmental Justice (EJ) and additional sidewalks on local roads. Please see the Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan Public Involvement Plan — developed specifically for this plan — for a full description of the public outreach conducted.

Extensive comments were received on the August Draft Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan. To fully address these comments, additional research, mapping, analysis and writing were required. Between September 2018 and March 2019, MPO staff and project consultant worked very closely with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and stakeholders who attended these meetings.

The final Plan has been thoroughly researched and analyzed; addresses public comments and input received from advocacy groups; and incorporates local agency plans. The Plan provides a comprehensive inventory of existing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Collier County. The Plan provides maximum flexibility in bringing projects forward for funding; and offers design guidelines based on best practices that implementing agencies may use as guidance. Based on the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Complete Streets work and the Collier County Board of County Commissioners approving a Complete Streets Resolution the Plan also takes a more proactive approach to Complete Streets.

Click on the links below to download or view the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. (Large files. Please call the MPO office at 239-252-5814 if you are having trouble downloading files.)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan
Executive Summary and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 – Existing Conditions
Chapter 2 – Safety Crash Data Analysis
Chapter 3 – Community Engagement
Chapter 4 – Vision, Goals and Objectives
Chapter 5 – Needs Analysis
Chapter 6 – Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design Guidelines
Chapter 7 – Policies and Implementation
Map Series


Work on the August 2018 draft may be viewed and downloaded below

Stakeholder Group
A stakeholder group representing a broad cross-section of bicycle/pedestrian users, advocates, and agencies met twice to help shape the direction of the plan. The agenda and summary of each meeting may be downloaded below.

Stakeholder Group Meeting 1 Agenda
Stakeholder Group Meeting 1 Summary
Stakeholder Group Meeting 2 Agenda
Stakeholder Group Meeting 2 Summary
Stakeholder Group Meeting 2 Presentation

Committee Updates
A number of updates were presented to the MPO Board, its advisory committees as well as non-MPO public meetings. Power point presentations for these updates are downloadable below.


TAC and CAC 1-29-18
MPO Board 2-9-189
Town Hall 3-8-18
TAC and CAC 3-26-18
BPAC 4-17-18
MPO Board 5-11-18
Stakeholder 1 5-21-18
Stakeholder 2
BPAC, TAC and CAC 8-21&27/18

Comment Cards– Comment forms were available in Spanish and English both online and in paper form.
Electronic Comment English
Electronic Comment Form Spanish
Mail in Comment Card BPMP (self-addressed stamped envelope)

Public Open Houses – There were two open houses during the development of the plan. The first open house was held early in the plan’s development to gather public input on walking and biking in Collier County including safety concerns, where people walk and bike, and areas where additional bicycle/pedestrian facilities are needed. In addition to the MPO’s normal outreach efforts, flyers in English and Spanish were distributed announcing the open house; a brief spot on Media Vista Television was done to advertise the first Open House in Spanish. The spot may be downloaded here – The open house drew about 20 people and many comments were received. The display materials available at the first open house may be downloaded below.

Vision, Goals and Objectives
Display Boards 1
Display Boards 2
Power Point Presentation

The second open house was used to answer questions on the plan and to received additional input. The display materials available at the second open house may be downloaded below.

Bicycle Needs Tier 1
Pedestrian Needs Tier 1
Posted Speed Limits
Map of Sidewalk Gaps on Local Roads – One Side
Map of Sidewalk Gaps on Local Roads – No Side

2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan
The 2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan may be viewed or downloaded using the links below.

2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan (without appendices)
2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan Appendix A
2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan Appendix B
2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan Appendix C
2012 Comprehensive Pathways Plan Appendix D