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A Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a long-range vision and plan for the transportation system in the MPO’s planning area. The Collier MPO LRTP covers all of Collier County including the Cities of Everglades City, Marco Island, and Naples. The LRTP includes ways to efficiently manage and operate all modes of transportation including highway/roadway, transit (bus), rail, bicycle, pedestrian, freight and air. The LRTP covers a broad range of issues including environmental impact, economic development, mobility, safety, security, and quality of life; and incorporates regional planning initiatives with the Lee County MPO. LRTPs must be produced/updated every five years and must maintain a minimum time horizon of 20 years. Completing LRTPs is a requirement for MPOs to receive federal funds.

The 2040 LRTP is the current adopted plan. Work on the 2045 LRTP will begin early in 2019