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Public Comment on Draft FY2020-2024 TIP

The start of the Public Comment period for the draft FY2020-2024 TIP coincides with review of the draft by the TAC and CAC on April 29, 2019. There are multiple ways to comment on the draft TIP.

  • any MPO advisory committee or board meeting
  • by commenting electronically directly on the MPO website
  • email at
  • phone at 239-252-5874
  • in person at 2885 South Horseshoe Dr, Naples FL 34104

The MPO Board will take action on approving the TIP, with consideration of all public comments, on June 14, 2019. There will be an additional opportunity for Public Comment prior to the Board taking actions. Should the comments received on the draft TIP cause the MPO to alter the draft significantly, there will be an additional opportunity for public comments prior to final Board approval.