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The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a five-year, fiscally constrained, multi-modal program of transportation projects within the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization Planning Area that will receive federal and/or state funding. The TIP is updated each year and includes highway, bridge, pathways (sidewalk/bicycle paths/facilities), transit, congestion management, road and bridge maintenance, transportation planning and transportation disadvantaged projects.

The TIP is developed through a continuous, cooperative and comprehensive (3C) planning process by the Collier Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) in coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), state and local governments and public transit operators. This collaborative effort ensures that projects programmed in the FDOT Work Program address the MPO’s highest transportation project priorities. The TIP also includes aviation projects and all regionally significant transportation projects for which Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) or Federal Transit Administration (FTA) approval is required. For informational purposes, the TIP may also identify other transportation projects that are not funded with federal funds.

DRAFT FY2020 – FY2024 TIP

Public Notice for DRAFT FY2020 – FY2024 TIP
Comments on the amendment may be made by phone (239-252-5874); by email or by downloading a self address stamped envelop and returning it to the MPO office.

The Draft FY2020 – FY2024 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is available for public comment. The public comment period will close at the MPO Board meeting on June 14, 2019 when the Board will adopt the TIP. There will be an additional opportunity for public comment on the TIP at the June 14 meeting. Should the comments received on the draft TIP cause the MPO to alter the draft significantly, there will an additional opportunity for public comment prior to Board final approval and adoption.  Comments may be made by telephone (239) 252-5874, email or by downloading a self addressed stamped envelope that may be mailed to the MPO office.  The TIP is a large document and has been separated into three parts each of which may be downloaded below.

Draft FY2020 – FY2024 TIP Part 1 – Narrative
Draft FY2020 – FY2024 TIP Part II – Project Sheets
Draft FY2020 – FY2024 TIP Part III – Member Jurisdictions’ CIPs; Other Agency Reports; and Appendices

FY2019 – FY2023 TIP (Current Adopted TIP)

Public Notice of Amendment to FY2019 – FY2023
Copeland Ave Sidewalk, Everglades City, FPN 4370961

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has requested the following amendment to the FY2019 – FY2023 TIP to ensure authorization of federal funds, planning consistency and transparency. The Everglades City project on Copeland Avenue runs from the southern city line north to the intersection with Broadway. The amendment will update the project limits to better accommodate the needs of Everglades City. The amendment is considered a major scope change as the change in project length is greater than 20% of the original length going from 0.2 miles to 0.953 miles.

Comments on the amendment may be made by phone (239-252-5874); by email or by downloading a self address stamped envelop and returning it to the MPO office. The complete amendment may be view/downloaded here Amendment Copeland Avenue.

The current FY2019 – FY2023 TIP  and individual amendments and administrative modifications may be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links below.
Adopted FY2019-2023 TIP (as Amended through April 12, 2019).

Roll Forward Amendment September 14, 2018
Amendment (multiple projects) October 12, 2018
Amendment (multiple projects) November 9, 2018
Amendment (EFLHD) April 12, 2019

For TIP’s prior to the FY2019 – FY2023 TIP, or additional information, please contact the MPO office at 239-252-5814.

The FDOT Adopted Work Program for FY2019 to FY2023 and other FDOT Work Program information may be viewed by visiting the FDOT Work Program page of the FDOT website.